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The smartest kid in Petaluma never thought seventh grade would be like this! When Norman Babbit skipped a grade and entered junior high a year early he thought his life would be great. But the school bully forces Norman to do his homework, his younger sister is a brat, his English teacher hates...
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Linnet's life is strange already.  She's used to Wyrmesbury's weird earthquakes, the odd effects of her dad's peculiar Brews and the secretive ways of the villagers.  But then two of her friends vanish, and she discovers that she is the Maiden Guardian--a job that no one can prepare for.  Linnet...
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When Lauren "Ren" D'Arc's novelist mother is crushed to death by a stack of Harry Potter books, the teen moves with her dad from NYC to suburban CT where she becomes involved in a sort-of mystery centering on an online predator.
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  In junior high, it doesn't matter what you say or do but who you know-and who knows you. Ask Benson Schmidt and Ryan Laughlin, because they live it every day. Their seventh grade lives are spent in the shadows of jocks, preps, and the rest of Westwood Junior High's popular set. But the wrath of...