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Shazam made his debut in Whiz Comics in 1940, and outsold his biggest competitor, Superman, by 14 million copies a month. It wasn’t long before a variety of merchandise was licensed—secret decoders, figurines, buttons, paper rockets, tin toys, puzzles, costumes—and a fan club was created to keep up...
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Written by Ivory Madison Art by Cliff Richards and Norm Rapmund Cover by Matthew Clark Driven to uncover a mob conspiracy in Gotham, Huntress runs afoul of Batman — and teaming up with Catwoman doesn't score her any points with him, either! Then, in the miniseries' finale, the gripping origin...
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Written by Joshua Dysart; Art by Enrique Breccia, Ronald Wimberly and Richard Corben Cover by Breccia A new collection featuring issues #15-20 of the ongoing series. With the consciousness of Alec Holland still separated from its former host and scattered across the world, the Swamp Thing must...
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With the power of The Light under his control, even Swamp Thing may not be able to stop the evil Arcane...not without paying an unimaginable price. With Swamp Thing struggling to make sense of his shattered life and the town of Houma recovering from all the horrors of its past, a strange "...
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It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s Siegel and Shuster! Celebrate Superman’s 70th anniversary in 2008 with the first-ever picture book about the two Cleveland teenagers who created him during the Great Depression. Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster were more like Clark Kent than his secret identity....