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On Summer Reads lists in The Chicago Tribune ("As breezy as a bike ride on the Lake Shore path") and the Fort Worth Star-Telegram   "Utterly rich and satisfying."—PAULA MCLAIN, AUTHOR OF THE PARIS WIFE   "Fans of The Wednesday Sisters are going to fall in...
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See Ya is a story that crosses generations and histories. Lives are often stories not yet written down. Not always ended, either, which can fuse the living and telling into a path not always clear. Some tales take a long time to tell, especially when they start in 1944 and flow into 1996, and...
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Zoe Carter’s busy life on the West Coast with her husband and daughters takes an unexpected detour when her glamorous, independent-minded mother, Margaret, decides she wants to “end things.” Tired of living with Parkinson’s disease, Margaret declares she is no longer willing to go where the...
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Celeste English and Ronnie Frazier are sisters, but they couldn't be more different. Celeste is a doctor's wife, living a perfect and elegant life. But secretly, she is terrified: her marriage is falling apart and her need to control the people around her threatens to alienate her entire family....
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We were a world of two, my mother and I, until I started turning into an American girl. That's when she started talking to me about the Good Daughter. The Good Daughter lived in Iran. She didn't talk back as I had learned to do in this broken-down, devil-riddled country. In fact, she didn't talk...
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After 20 years of living with a chronic illness, Zoe FitzGerald Carter's mother decided to end her life - and asked her three daughters to help her. For months, the decision dragged on as her mother changed her methods and her "death dates," stirring up difficult family memories, sibling...
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  After forty years of happy marriage, Leonard thought he knew his wife Rose as well as he knew himself. It's only after her sudden death that he finds her old handbag, which contains a mystery he can't ignore. Accompanied by Lily, his wife's childhood friend, Leonard becomes a reluctant...
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Because I Love Her: 34 Women Writers Reflect on the Mother-Daughter Bond, edited by Andrea N. Richesin.  My essay, "Beyond the Family Party Face," reflects on four generations of women and creativity.  
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This profound and poignant collection highlights some of the best literary writers of our time in an era when the roles of mothers and daughters are constantly being questioned and redefined. Because I Love Her explores the deepest bonds and truths of motherhood by sharing stories and secrets of...
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When her mom runs away from home, Rachel is left behind with her emotionally distant father and many questions she cannot answer. Over time, she learns the truth about her mom. But it's only when she learns the truth about her dad, the rock- immoveable and always there for her to lean on-that...