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When she hit 30, single mom and romance columnist Rachel Sarah realized that she had been in domestic overdrive too long. Years of dishing up macaroni and cheese, picking Barbie accessories up off the rug, playing peek-a-boo, mopping the kitchen floor, and trying to get over her ex had all but shut...
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He's the MTV generation's master of modern humor, a star of film, TV, and the comedy stage. This sultan of savvy serves up a whip-smart, utterly original collection of comic essays in Naked Pictures of Famous People. Since January 1999, you've been able to enjoy the intelligence and self-...
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As a mom re-entering the dating world, how do you balance being a woman with being a mother? In Mom, There's a Man in the Kitchen and He's Wearing Your Robe, Fisher provides the answer. Drawing upon her own experience (and mistakes) and the stories of many other women who have lived through...
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As a single father, you're ready to begin dating again. But are your kids ready? In this much-needed guide, relationship expert Ellie Slott Fisher comes to the rescue with no-nonsense, no-judgments advice. Drawing on her own experience as a single parent, interviews and surveys with more than a...
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Bachelorhood used to be something young men aspired to. A man alone was a man empowered. But not anymore. As we cross the threshold into the twenty-first century, the state of being stag has lost its luster. In A Guy's Guide to Dating, Brendan Baber and Eric Spitznagel shepherd guys from ages...
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In this raucous collection of true-life stories, actress and comedian Chelsea Handler recounts her time spent in the social trenches with that wild, strange, irresistible, and often gratifying beast: the one-night stand.
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In Single Woman of a Certain Age, Jane Ganahl assembles a chorus of sophisticated and witty voices for this revealing anthology about flying solo in midlife. Joyce Maynard and Dakota Cassidy try online hookups, Debra Ginsberg brings up the M-word, Cameron Tuttle goes on a date (with herself), Susan...
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The jungle of midlife dating has found an intrepid new explorer in Jane Ganahl. Beginning with the launch of her San Francisco Chronicle column, Single Minded, and ending with her fiftieth birthday, Naked on the Page covers one frenzied year in a smart, social, but definitely middle-aged woman’s...
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What do men wish women knew about sex? The answer's not as simple as you think! In What Men Really Want in Bed, 200 men from all backgrounds and walks of life reveal frank, surprising truths about sex and what really turns them on (and off), including: The most exciting thing a lover has ever done...
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When Merrill Markoe, successful comedian, two-time author, and four-time Emmy award-winner, looked back at her life's loves, she found a long track record with few successes. In this hilarious collection, Markoe walks ground that the average woman, lost in a sea of unsuccessful relationships, would...