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Checkered Fences is a heartwarming romance about a high school student, Diane Jones, who dreams of her independence and becoming the first in her family to complete college, unlike her mother who married at just thirteen years old.  However, Diane’s old fashion father has other plans for Diane...
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When Nela Sambashivan visits her native India to research the mathematics of collectives, she is drawn instead into the lives of ten year old Ranu, the cunning motel-keeper who exploits her, and an unscrupulous Uncle who believes that everything is for sale. Nela’s transformation from abstract...
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As the Western world struggles to comprehend the paradoxes of modern Turkey, a country both European and Asian, forward-looking yet rooted in ancient empire, a new nonfiction anthology promises to reveal its most personal nuances. Introducing TALES FROM THE EXPAT HAREM: Foreign Women in Modern...
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Eighteen poems depicting Indian life