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This is a chapter from my memoir, Into The World: a young girl's journey of faith and adventure. It is about my childhood adventures traveling the world with my family during the turbulent 1960's. My father was a Christian writer who wanted to gain inspiration for his books. He packed up our family...
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Did you know Thomas Jefferson’s grandson was an ax murderer? Don’t you delight in knowing some dinosaurs were teeny tiny as hens? How about an ailment so surreal it’s named after Alice in Wonderland? Truly trivia you can’t live without, RANDOM OBSESSIONS: TRIVIA YOU CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT from VIVA...
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  Everything but the Coffee casts a fresh eye on the world's most famous coffee company and looks beyond baristas, movie cameos, and Paul McCartney CDs to understand what Starbucks can tell us about America. Bryant Simon spent five years visiting hundreds of Starbucks around the world to ask,...
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Defying the code that says it's impolite to discuss God or money, Zacharias does just that. On the road once more, Zacharias visits with Sister Schubert, the woman who made $40 million from dinner rolls, and with the Florida Cracker whose mother pickled his chopped-off toddler fingers. Zacharias...
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"This expansive overview of the history, economy, culture, politics, and geographic features of this progressive, oil-rich nation... is a fine introduction" [to Venezuela]. Voice of Youth Advocates "Geography, cultural life, and pre- and post-...
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Since 1993, readers have looked to Travelers' Tales for award-winning stories about the world, adventure, spirituality, and the transformative experiences that accompany life on the road. The Best Travel Writing 2008 is the fifth volume in the series launched in 2004 to celebrate the world's...
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  INGLISTAN is a novel. Its main protagonist Rabi is an Indian lawyer, who comes to New College, Oxford to do a six-month diploma in Human Rights Law. The novel chronicles the high and low points of his half-year through his interaction with relatives long settled in England, former Indian...
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Comparer c'est remettre en question ou remettre sur l'ouvrage son rapport à l'autre. La présence d'éléments considérés comme étrangers dans la langue, la littérature, la culture, ne peut être constatée, travaillée, abordée par les institutions éducatives, qu'une fois établie une relation du soi et...
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The World is a sixth grade text with hands-on, activity-based skills that promote students' application of knowledge in geography, economics, history, citizenship, and cultural awareness as they relate to the 6th grade learning outcomes.