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Cultural Revolution | Cultural Revolution

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Collection of autobiographical coming-of-age stories based on author's experience from age 12 as a soldier in a dance performance troupe of the Chinese People's Liberation Army. Exists in traditional and simplified Chinese character editions and in Vietnamese translation. Taiwan edition:...
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The portrayal of historical atrocity in fiction, film, and popular culture can reveal much about the function of individual memory and the shifting status of national identity. In the context of Chinese culture, films such as Hou Hsiao-hsien's City of Sadness and Lou Ye's Summer Palace and novels...
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Rabbit in the Moon is the story of American-born-and-proud Lili Quan - a young medical doctor, passionately strong in her convictions and views on life.  She's also stubbornly avoiding a heritage she'd rather not identify with.  But when two completely different cultures and secret political...
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Editorial summary: "A totally illuminating collection of stories centered around China's Cultural Revolution and its aftermath, which, as we learn, continues even today. Xujun Eberlein lived in China during that tumultuous period and now makes her home in America....
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In this collection, set mostly in China during and after the Cultural Revolution, Geling Yan presents us with unforgettable characters who have all, in one way or another, left home. Yan charts the transformation of her characters' hearts and minds as they find themselves thrust into unlikely...
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        The novel Female Grasslands begins with a girl named Little One entering the grassland situated between Tibet and Sichuan as a vagrant and fugitive in the mid-1970s. She has fled there to escape a murder charge and the entanglement of an incestuous love affair. In the depths of the desolate...