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Cori Matheson has just lost the only man she has ever loved. With two small children and another on the way, Cori is left with a house she cannot afford; she places an ad in the local paper to rent out the attic room in her Franklin, Texas, home. But Cori has no idea that when her ad is answered,...
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One person can make a difference and create lasting change in the world. Your impact on a single person can result in a ripple effect felt far and wide. This is the true story of Dreams For Kids. It is a story of hope, empowerment, and transformation. During one of the most challenging times in...
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A mythical tale that will enrich a child's imagination and immerse them in Charleston, South Carolina's magical low-country coastal landscape and marine life.  The Lost Mermaid is a sweet story that can teach a child valuable life lessons about the danger of judging others by appearance or language...