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Cuban revolution | Cuban revolution

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Sex, drugs, revolution, and the dawn of the Peace Corps. In 1963 volunteer Jack Harjo sits in the jungles of Costa Rica pondering three questions: is there a greater good; does it apply here; and can you really trademark Panama Red, Acapulco Gold and Maui Wowie?
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On the eve of the Cuban Revolution, headstrong 18-year-old Francesca Pacelli flees from her ruthless Mafia-boss father in Havana to the arms of her lover, a rebel fighting with Fidel Castro. Her father, desperate to send her to safety in the US, resorts to torture and blackmail as he searches...
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The Cuban revolution through the eyes and actions of Papa Hemingway and Fidel Castro.In 1957 Cuba, Fidel Castro starts a revolution with twelve men while Papa Hemingway wonders if he's washed up or has another book in him-the big book that's always eluded him. Looking for publicity, Fidel...