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"A remarkable book: part travelogue, part rant, part memoir, part literary analysis and urban history, it is like nothing else I've ever read. In wondering why we look to writers' houses for inspiration when we could be looking to the writers' work, Trubek has—with humor, with self-deprecation,...
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A quick look at the accounts of Cullen's "eureka moments" in this gripping autobiography can be deceptive. They are not vague psychic intuitions. They arise from an obsessive, long-term saturation in the language and the history of the fourteenth century, in particular the language of allegory....
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The Art of Assessment is a complete guide to the review process, from how to write good reviews, how to use interviews to add depth to your reviews, obtaining review copies, marketing your reviews, and plenty of examples and references to help you become a working reviewer. Welcome to the world of...