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The Trouble With Change is a suspenseful crime story about a college student, Sondra Taylor, who dreams of being the first in her family to graduate from college.  With little money in her pocket, and a meager scholarship to school in the city, she sets out against the odds to do so. ...
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In the Hollywood movie storms of 1977 where films like Star Wars and Close Encounters spawned a maelstrom of epic adventure and wonder for kids everywhere, such streets also spawned another breed of child. Bitter, alienated, and lost in the punk-influenced beginnings of a feel-good era of disco-...
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When Dr. Caryn Dryden is found floating dead in her hot tub, homicide inspector Devin Juhle targets a suspect close to home: her husband, Stuart Gorman. After all, Stuart was recently asked for a divorce, and he stands to gain millions in insurance. His alibi - that he was at his cabin on Tamarack...