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This book will change the way you see yourself, and how you think about long-term love. We can’t get enough of doomed lovers torn apart by betrayal, taboo and violence – as long as they stay on the screen or the page. In our own beds we want the happy ending. But all around us, divorce...
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It’s all in the attitude for this tall, dark, and autistic fellow, a rangy six-footer with a sexy five o’clock shadow—and the mind of a good-natured adolescent. But twenty-one year old David is desperate to tackle life on his own terms even if it means getting kicked around a bit.  Weaving...
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Here's what you'll learn by reading "Marriage Built to Last"... Finding a clear & common vision of an ideal future state for the relationship Developing measurable objectives that define why the relationship exists, where it's headed & how you'll measure success Determining attitudes...
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Living together is wildly popular & is becoming widely accepted! This is the 1st book to take a non-judgmental look at helping cohabitating couples improve the fitness of their relationships.