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Glen Phayre, a young English woman in her twenties, has left England to live with her aunt, who runs a tea plantation in Ceylon and fills her days with good works, among them the task of writing letters to a Belgian prisoner. But the letters go astray, and are received instead by Marten, eager...
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Jessica “Decca” Mitford lived a larger-than-life life: Born into the British aristocracy—one of the famous (and sometimes infamous) Mitford sisters—she ran away to Spain as a teenager during the Spanish Civil War with her cousin Esmond Romilly, Winston Churchill’s nephew, then came to America,...
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The cows in Lily's herd are always dignified as they walk to the barn. But Lily would rather prance and dance. So Lily travels the world, searching for a place where she fits in. An uplifting story for anyone who's ever felt different from the herd.