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Wheels Turning Inward is a rich collection of over fifty poems, following a poet’s mythic and spiritual journey that begins and ends in Christ, but crosses easily onto the paths of many other contemplative traditions. Ultimately, this is a journey of discovering a keen sense of spiritual community...
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IN THE BEGINNING: CREATION MYTHS FROM AROUND THE WORLD is a beautifully illustrated and informative collection of creation stories from 15 cultures, using indigenous sources. These stories demonstrate that creation is ongoing, everywhere and always, and that all of us are creators all of the...
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This concise edition postulates that Jesus was from the East. Hence, his 'hard' Eastern parables and mystic teachings have been totally misunderstood and misinterpretted by the West. For two thousand years. And more. The gist and genius of the Master can only be grasped by the SINGLE EYE of the...
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Christina Meldrum’s debut novel MADAPPLE (Alfred A. Knopf; May 2008; $16.99; Hardcover), is at once a literary novel and a psychological thriller. It draws the reader into a world where the natural and supernatural seem to converge—a world where reality seems a puzzle in which the pieces are...
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EXPLORES and presents simply and creatively the practical and the theoretical, the mundane and the sacred of Buddhism. — Michael Wenger, Dean of Buddhist Studies, San Francisco Zen Center     THIS book will bring a smile to us all. We see that it is reaching out to so many people - to...