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“I remember Sarah asking me, when I’d just begun therapy with her, what I looked for in a man.  After a few moments of silent, tense deliberation I had it.  ‘Hair,’ I blurted. ‘He has to have hair.’” Meredith Baxter is a beloved and iconic television actress, most well-known for...
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Things look bad for Rick Lahrem, a high school sophomore in a cookie-cutter Chicago suburb in 1976. His mother’s second husband is a licensed psychologist who eats like an ape, his stepsister is a stoner slut, and his father is engaged to a Southern belle. Rick’s only solace is his growing...
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Blood Strangers is a captivating, multigenerational story of an alternative family. In her memoir, Katherine A. Briccetti writes about three generations of absent fathers and adoptions: her father's closed adoption in the 1930s, her own adoption by her stepfather in the 1960s, and finally, the...
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Polito takes readers back to the 1980s with a wonderfully sweet and hilarious coming-of-age story set in the backstage world of a high school drama club.
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Summary of Bare Roots     Set in the 1960s and 70s, Bare Roots is a coming of age novel about a sensitive, intelligent boy, Justin Crystal.  Born in Wisconsin, Justin grows up from age seven in Southern California, an only child of divorced parents.  When he goes away to a fundamentalist college,...
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Clifton Snider2719 Eucalyptus Ave.Long Beach, CA 90806-2515Telephone: 562-426-3669E-mail: csnider@csulb.edu Summary of Wrestling with Angels:A Tale of Two Brothers        Based on a true story, Wrestling with Angels is a fictional account of two Pentecostal preacher's sons.  Brothers born five...
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Nadine Butler is a popular disc-jockey at KELF, the classic rock station in Squire’s Isle, Washington. She’s currently in the closet with her girlfriend and she thinks she’s happy that way. And the end of a bad day, Nadine goes to a Town Hall meeting to take sides in a book-banning debate and...
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Killian Kendall is used to being overlooked, even in his own family. That’s about to change. With the arrival of a new kid at school, Killian’s whole world is about to be turned upside down. The new guy is openly gay and, for reasons he can’t really understand, Killian finds himself drawn to him....
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The time is the late 1970s--an age of gas shortages, head shops and "Saturday Night Fever." The place, suburban New Jersey. At a time when the teenagers around him are coming of age, Robin MacKenzie is coming undone. While "normal boys" are into cars, sports and bullying their...
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A literary dreamscape in which the landscapes of childhood, homelands, bodies, lovers, and desires succumb to whimsy, revision, and denial. With wild grace, Chin bounds through actual events and imagined outcomes-in a place where killing snakes, stern discipline, family pets, and childhood...