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This is so typical of me. I make a sex- for term papers- deal  with a whacko chick in my American Lit. class. She sticks around just long enough to make me fall crazy in love then disappears. Six months later she’s back like nothing happened. But then the weirdness starts. My apartment is...
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Alice Darling has just moved to Montreal to go to McGill University. She’s never had a boyfriend and doesn’t know how to do laundry. She joins the Film Society and hangs out in the library. She drifts away from boring Bethany, her best friend from high school, and starts to trail after Allegra,...
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Five troubled students left alone on their isolated college campus over the long Thanksgiving break confront their own demons and a mysterious presence - that may or may not be real.
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Culture in Context is a three-in-one (reader/rhetoric/handbook) that teaches essay writing through meaningful connections to popular culture and college life. Chapters in the rhetoric portion cover the writing process ("Ready, Write, Revise" ), writing strategies (narrative, process,...
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It's June of 1990, all hell's breaking loose on Hunter Olive's tobacco farm, and his son Mike wants to keep it that way. The farmer's twenty-year-old son has come back for the summer with fourteen college friends and a mission to fight for Jackson Country's newest residents: the Mexican migrant...