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“A cup or two of Joe every day is a good way to boost mood, energy and overall health.” --Julian Whitaker, M.D., founder of the Whitaker Wellness Institute Wake Up To The Amazing Perks Of Coffee! Java facts you didn’t know... According to legend, an Ethiopian goat herder was the first to discover...
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  Everything but the Coffee casts a fresh eye on the world's most famous coffee company and looks beyond baristas, movie cameos, and Paul McCartney CDs to understand what Starbucks can tell us about America. Bryant Simon spent five years visiting hundreds of Starbucks around the world to ask,...
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"Heartbreaking and compelling…Richmond gracefully weaves in fascinating background material on the coffee culture and the field of mathematics as she thoughtfully explores family dynamics, the ripple effects of tragedy, and the importance of the stories we tell. Combine all that with perfect...