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Here it is. All the grandeur and glamour of New York, 1953. It's two shows nightly at El Morroco and late-night dinners at The Stork. It's an era of quiz-panel programs, of debutantes and dinner jackets, of communists, pickpockets, and artists manqué.Follow hapless reporter Roosevelt P. Lane as he...
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A fun and comprehensive overview of myriad ways young Americans are adapting and adopting goods and practices associated with "bygone" eras.
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A young self-centered bartender who has become a local celebrity in Manhattan's upper east side, meets a girl in Jamaica who puts a new perspective into his life.
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He's the MTV generation's master of modern humor, a star of film, TV, and the comedy stage. This sultan of savvy serves up a whip-smart, utterly original collection of comic essays in Naked Pictures of Famous People. Since January 1999, you've been able to enjoy the intelligence and self-...
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Supposedly written for babies, but really for their parents, this series hilariously suggests that babies can do things like mix cocktails and change car oil if they are properly trained.