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The Jesus Thief is the suspenseful story of a momentous undertaking—an attempt to clone Jesus of Nazareth. At its center is wealthy New York microbiologist Dr. Felix Rossi who burns with unspoken questions as he leads a scientific investigation of the Shroud of Turin. Do the linen threads...
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The genetically modified tale of a mutant in search of his mother's heart. Born to an industrialized supply line of universal organ donors, Ziggy is supposed to look like an ordinary piglet even if his eyes, lungs, liver, pancreas, kidneys, intestines and heart are, more or less, human. But...
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UPDATED! 2nd EDITION Dogs and cats are considered part of the family--and just as deserving of the best medical care. Never before has the veterinary profession been able to offer such amazing medical options and such a high level of preventative care as it does in the new century. You'll find the...
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Rankor Island is a carnival of social ills. A Tilt-A-Whirl of manic violence and police corruption. Into this wasteland comes two men, saviors for a nihilistic age; the serial killer, Family Man and hyper-violent vigilante, Citizen Pain.