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Not all princesses are made of sugar and spice--some are made of funnier, fiercer stuff Princess Amanita laughs in the face of danger. Brakeless bicycles, pet scorpions, spiky plants--that's her thing. So when quiet Prince Florian gives her roses, Amanita is unimpressed . . . until she sees their...
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When we hear that someone close to us has cancer, we want nothing more than to help. But sometimes we don’t know what to say or do, and don’t feel comfortable asking. With sensitive insights, thoughtful anecdotes, and sometimes, gentle humor, Help Me Live provides a personal yet...
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When Andi's brother Bruce wants to enter a dog-themed film-making contest, Andi jumps at the opportunity to become a screenwriter. But neither of them expects what happens next -- a producer wants their movie! Can Andi and Bruce's show (and dogs) go Hollywood?
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A charming story for dog lovers everywhere--and now a major motion picture!