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Despite being born to a broken-hearted mother and a faithless father, Campbell still believes in the power of love…if she can ever find it. Living in the same neighborhood, but unknown to Campbell until a chance meeting brings them together, is Donovan, the "little man" of a shattered...
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Case Hysteries is a collection of poems including dramatic monologues and dialogues based on Sigmund Freud's case histories of five women.
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REPAIR For Kids is a program for recovery from incest and childhood sexual abuse for the 6 to 12 year old.  It is the children's version of REPAIR Your Life.  REPAIR is an acronym based on the six stages of the program: R is for Recognition, E is for Entry, P is for Process, A is for...
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How does someone, excluded from the only community he or she has ever known, go on living? Haunted by this question, Harvard graduate student Jeremy Stull lives with a devout Amish family to observe both their faith and their strict shunning of those who breach it. He befriends Beulah—a banished...
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God says I Love You in many ways, some of which are hard to hear. Georgeanne Peach will ruin everything! At seventeen, Maranatha Winningham admittedly has some trust issues—her mother abandoned her, a neighbor boy abused her for years, her best friend has left for college and God, ever since he...
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From Publishers WeeklyIn this debut faith-based novel, DeMuth transports readers to the hot East Texas town that is nine-year-old Mara's home. Amid the red dirt and pecan trees, Mara struggles to find her way through a painful and mysterious family situation. Who were her parents? Is her aunt Elma...