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Nan and her four-year-old granddaughter Jane are taking their first airplane trip together, flying from Seattle to the East Coast.  But this is no ordinary excursion.  Nan is abducting Jane.  Nan's daughter, Alex, believes Jane's father has been sexually abusing her, and she's asked...
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In a tiny village in rural Iran, Zal’s demented mother—horrified by his pale skin and hair, the opposite of her own—becomes convinced her baby is evil. She puts him in a wire birdcage on her veranda with the rest of her caged flock, and there he stays for the next ten years: eating birdseed and...
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Daniel Linnehan is an indentured servant no more. He has his papers, his beloved horse, Ivy, and a new direction in life. But an Irish teenager, wearing fine clothes and riding an even finer horse, is asking for trouble. After a terrible misunderstanding leaves Daniel beaten, the peddler...
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Thrust into the country environs of the Pacific Northwest, Klein, a precocious, yet introverted fourteen-year-old, is confronted with her abusive past for the first time when a repressed memory emerges. Shaken, she realizes she can no longer hide from her secret. Klein becomes perversely drawn to a...
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Suspense Thriller- Teenager Julia Bell was held captive for years in a basement room along with something awful. At Synergebooks and Kindle
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Ann Rule says: A Silence of Mockingbirds is beautifully written by a very talented investigative journalist. But, even more, this is Karen Zacharias’s  own story too, one of trust betrayed. A tragic book that we should all take to heart. We cannot change the past but we can...
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Robert Benchely's "Law of Distinction" states:  “There are only two kinds of people in the world:  those who believe there are two kinds of people in the world, and those who don’t.” Our Daily Bread explores the consequences of group attachment – the “us” versus “them” mentality...
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For twenty years Daniel Paquette's murder in New Hampshire went unsolved. It remained a secret between two high school friends until Eric Windhurst's arrest in 2005. What was revealed was a crime born of adolescent passion between Eric and Daniel's stepdaughter, Melanie- redefining the meaning...
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Haunted by a troubled past…  The future appears bright for James Sheppard. Emerging from a troubled childhood, he is blessed with talent and a good work ethic. Excelling in his classes and at the campus newspaper, James’s goal of editor appears within his grasp.  However, years of abuse and...