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She was perfect for him . . Things are definitely looking up for struggling artist Sunny Anderson. She's been commissioned to paint a mural on the ceiling of New York's finest hotel. And she's fallen in love -- with the hotel's tall,dark and extremely handsome project manager. The problem is, he...
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Madison Baldwin is having a bad year. Her fiancé, the commitment-phobic Spencer Newman, is getting cold feet. Her divorced parents can't seem to stop fighting or, much to her chagrin, making-out. To make matters worse, her "perfect" half-sister Jackie has flown all the way across the...
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Men come and go, but magic is forever, right? Wrong. After a few months of letting witchcraft slide, Jane Madison discovers that not using her powers has her rapidly losing them. Meanwhile, her warder is avoiding her, her familiar has moved out, her mother is abandoing her again and her...