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Cancer kills but it can't kill love.  When Terri Cotton was diagnosed with leukemia, cancer took over her life and her marriage. Practically newlyweds, she and husband Richard had to deal with the devastating news that Terri might have less than seven years to live. Their battle began. They could...
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Wendy Harpham is a doctor of internal medicine and a 19-yr survivor of chronic cancer. Here she offers entertaining and easy-to-read short stories that illustrate words and actions that take clinicians only seconds yet can make a world of difference for patients.
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This personal story chronicles how the author sustained her hope through two bouts with breast cancer. The reader discovers her process for enduring diagnosis and treatment, making instant decisions, seeking support groups, facing a curious public, and holding family and job together. She...
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St. Clair Shores, MI, May 16, 2008 - A new eBook just published, offers a truly inspiring story about a young man who faces and defeats cancer (4) four times in a 5-year period. In This Time's a Charm; Lessons of a Four-Time Cancer Survivor, Donald A. Wilhelm, now 37 years old, tells his real-life...
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Joni Rodgers lives in Houston, Texas, where big hair is a God-given right. It’s prerequisite for a real estate license, as natural as Naugahyde, as important as Elvis. But at thirty-two, Joni was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and aggressive cancer of the immune system, and she lost her...