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Al Pennyback and his friends were instrumental in apprehending Chinese gangster Li Wei and putting him behind bars.  With the help of his brother, Li Jiu Long, he escapes and comes back to Washington, DC seeking revenge.  Li and his brother go on a killing spree while Al races against the clock to...
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DC private investigator Al Pennyback is hired to prove that the client of his friend Quincy Chang didn't shoot his wife, who is lying in a coma in a hospital bed.  Trusting his friend, Al sets out to find who did the crime.  He finds a long list of suspects, including the victim's self-indulgent...
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Al Pennyback is hired to be bodyguard for an up and coming singer, Cindy Caton.  She's been receiving threatening emails, and her manager also asks Al to find out who sent them.  He travels with her and her entourage to Colombia where he has to contend with a snake in the bed and an unfortunately...
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Buster Mayweather and his wife Alma, while on vacation in West Virginia, witness what they think might be a murder.  The militia who are involved, later kidnap Alma and Sandra Winter, Al Pennyback's girl friend, to keep Buster from exposing a plan more dastardly than mere murder.  Al, who is...
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DC PI Al Pennyback is asked to investigate a century old murder-suicide.  As he digs into the case, he finds a more recent murder, a major scam of unwitting women in the Washington area, and a ghost protecting a horde of gold coins.