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Why was the Wojnarowicz video really removed from the National Portrait Gallery? Read the article here.
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Juniper had no idea that donating her favorite books-a series about psychic teenagers solving mysteries-to the school library would result in a heated protest that pits her unyielding mother against irate parents determined to ban the so-called "wicked" literature. Desperate to escape...
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Edited and translated by Nguyen Do and Paul Hoover, the anthology contains poetry by seventeen leading contemporary Vietnamese poets and four Vietnamese-American poets (Linh Dinh, Mong-Lan, Hoa Nguyen, and Truong Tran).  Three poets included (Hoang Cam, Dang Dinh Hung, and Tran Dan) were members of...
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“A contact bomb, a volcano ready to erupt” describes not only Central America in the 1980s but—in the conception of its editors—this anthology of contraband poetry. The poems themselves were often copied by hand and smuggled onto Mexico, from Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua. In all...