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A collection of my most outrageous Village Voice columns through the years, spanning celebrity events, personal romps, Q&As, terrible parties, and harsh viewpoints. Also included are my original essays about blind items, social networking, and the allure of blogging.
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Forever L.A. is for those who call Los Angeles home and for those who live vicariously through and have been entertained by the residents of its beautiful cemeteries. In fascinating stories and images, Douglas Keister discusses cemetery symbols, funerary architecture, and secret societies and clubs...
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“IT CAN BE A ROUGH WORLD OUT THERE, ESPECIALLY IF YOU LET SELF-DOUBT BECOME YOUR BEST FRIEND. BEING TRUE TO YOURSELF MEANS ACCEPTING YOUR DOWNFALLS AND CELEBRATING YOUR STRENGTHS.” As women, we are blessed with three powerful virtues: being smart, successful, and sexy. These qualities are woven so...
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Best-selling gay fiction author J. M. Snyder invites you into the glittery and glamorous world of celebrities who seek real love among the stars. Previously available only in electronic format, these steamy novellas have now been combined for a paperback edition! Included are the stories......
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A provocative short-story collection from Pulitzer Prize winner Robert Olen Butler, Intercourse delightfully reveals what goes through a person's mind at a crucial moment - during sex. Smart, provocative, subtle, and erotic, each story is a many faceted gem. Butler dazzles and entertains as he...
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How Do You Know He's Real? God Unplugged is a collection of profound real-life journeys and dramatic encounters with the living God by young athletes and musicians. Being famous doesn’t make their lives perfect; these celebrities still struggle with the same issues that most young people deal with...
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This popular book contains 34 real-life stories about celebrities who know God is real because of their personal relationships with Him. It provides a forum for Christian celebrities blessed with professional career success to share their very personal stories about life in the spotlight. Developed...
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Unnatural celebrity deaths and unnaturally celebrated murders pockmark the history of Los Angeles, looming as large in the public imagination as the Hollywood stars themselves. Death in Paradise is the first authorized history of Los Angeles by way of its coroner's office, revisiting important or...
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By the time Newsweek dubs thirty-four-year-old Ben (Superman) Willis "The New Super-Poet of Pop," he has millions of adoring fans, piles of money, a beautiful family--and a secret desire to chuck it all and disappear forever. He gets his wish after a violent storm, some wicked Mexican...