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Set on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, a suspenseful page-turning saga of love, murder, and the true meaning of faith from the author of the acclaimed The Liar’s Diary. Set in the close-knit Portuguese community of Provincetown, Massachusetts, The Orphans of Race Point traces the relationship between...
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After inheriting her parents' ailing cranberry bogs, Sally Johnson must come home to save Misty Meadows. But can she succeed when she discovers that some mysterious Wall Street hotshot has arrived with opposing plans for the bogs? To make matters worse, this "silent business partner"...
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Pictures of You is a literary mystery that asks the question, How do we forgive the unforgivable--or should we? How well do we know the ones we love?  On a foggy road, four lives collide: Isabelle, a photographer fleeing her philandering husband who has just gotten his girlfriend pregnant; April, a...
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  On the first night of a long-awaited sailing adventure, fever sends young Oliver back into the teeth of Hurricane Carol, a storm that devastated the New England coastline in 1954. The character we came to love in Oliver’s Surprise finds himself aboard Cap'n Eli's schooner Surprise as the...
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For Anyone Who's Ever Been Dragged on a Family Vacation Fourteen year-old Tracy Forrester is stuck at Farnsworth House, a big, rambly, slightly musty-smelling house on Cape Cod, for a retreat for divorced parents and their kids. For friend potential, there's only Beka, the Angry Girl from New York...