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california true crime | california true crime

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Relive some of the most notorious and long-forgotten historical crime stories of early California, from the Gold Rush to the mid-twentieth century. Told through shocking newspaper headlines of the time, these 52 stories include the exploits and dastardly deeds of infamous bandits, Joaquin Murrieta...
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  A marriage made in hell... Barely five feet tall, sweet and innocent looking, Charlene Gallego used all of her charms to beguile pretty teenage girls and young women into the back of a van, where her lethal husband, Gerald, lay waiting. A killer couple bound together by secrets, lies, and...
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This is the Italian translation of The Road Out Of Hell, from Sterling Publishing, with the Italian publisher's banner across the bottom cover marking 250,000 copies sold of my previous, La Danzatrice Bambina, which is the Italian translation of Tiny Dancer, from St. Martin's Press.