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In her singular voice—humble, elegiac, practical—Maxine Hong Kingston sets out to reflect on aging as she turns sixty-five. Kingston's swift, effortlessly flowing verse lines feel instantly natural in this fresh approach to the art of memoir, as she circles from present to past and back, from...
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Who is Bobby Flash?  Flash is a novel that follows the journey of muckracking journalist Jack Wilson as he investigates the century-old mystery of the identity of I.W.W. outlaw and revolutionary, Bobby Flash.  When Wilson finds an old Wanted poster in a local archive in San Diego, his curiosity...
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In the Hollywood movie storms of 1977 where films like Star Wars and Close Encounters spawned a maelstrom of epic adventure and wonder for kids everywhere, such streets also spawned another breed of child. Bitter, alienated, and lost in the punk-influenced beginnings of a feel-good era of disco-...