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How do we learn to believe in ourselves and not just rely on our spiritual teachers? This question was answered in August 2009 when over a thousand people came to Colorado to spend a week with Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, only to find he was in the hospital and wouldn’t be able to lead the retreat....
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By 1992, I had noted the revival of spiritual poetry ("devotional poetry") such as Coleman Barks' Rumi — more or less absent since the Industrial Revolution — and also all the poetry being published since 1950 ("beat") up to the present ("hiphop") influenced by...
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EXPLORES and presents simply and creatively the practical and the theoretical, the mundane and the sacred of Buddhism. — Michael Wenger, Dean of Buddhist Studies, San Francisco Zen Center     THIS book will bring a smile to us all. We see that it is reaching out to so many people - to...