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Brothers and Sisters | Brothers and Sisters

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When they were children, Alice, Griffin, and Dinah Stenen, lost their parents in two separate tragedies. As adults, their lives become further complicated—and their bonds strengthened or tested—by unplanned parenthood, infidelity, and loss.Without their parents' guidance, they falter. But what they...
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An astonishingly assured and compelling debut, When I Forgot explores the relationship between a sister and her brother, the past that they share, and the painful memories that shape their lives forever. Anna is on her way to the hospital where her brother has been institutionalized when she...
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In San Francisco,  it's mid-October, darkness comes early, and a killer who strangles pregnant women is just claiming victim number six. Homicide chief Cassy Chant is running the manhunt for the serial killer the cops call Captain Nemo. The team, including Cassy's right-hand man Detective Inspector...