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An essential and concise reference guide to the final resting places of the monarchs of England. Learn the true-life stories of the warrior kings of the Dark Ages to modern day. Visit some of the famous cathedrals and lesser-known burial sites throughout Great Britain. Learn about some of the...
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Twins Persephone (Persy) and Penelope (Pen) Leland are anticipating their first London season with mixed feelings.  Pen can't wait for the balls and parties and crowds of handsome young men to flirt with, but Persy would far rather stay home with their governess, Ally, and continue her magic...
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In the glittering world of Regency London, where gossip is exchanged– and reputations ruined–with the tilt of a fan, Mélanie Fraser is the perfect wife. Devoted to her husband, Charles, the grandson of a duke, she is acknowledged as society’s most charming hostess. But just as the elegant façade of...
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From Booklist Littlejohn informs his reader in no uncertain terms that the "statelies" of England are an endangered species--referring to the large country mansions that are home to the country's landed gentry. In an informative account not as esoteric as the subject might sound, the...
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Penny inherits the Bellefield, a haunted theatre in one of London's oldest districts. Before she or anyone can be safe within its walls, she must find the truth behind the death of the tormented Frenchwoman who died screaming when another structure stood where the Bellefield stands today.