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After twenty rejections of Christina's poignant novel based on how she met her Jewish husband, she, on a martini-soaked dare, creates a Caucasian alter ego and writes a lily-white chic lit novel. When her agent actually sells the novel to a publisher, Christina’s common sense warns her to back...
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This is THE book that every would-be author needs to own.  It’s full of incredibly practical advice about how to write and sell a book—finding an agent, writing a proposal, dealing with an editor, boosting sales-- and on top of that, it’s also probably the funniest thing ever written about how to...
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“Release Your Writing, Book Publishing, Your Way” goes beyond “how-to” books with all the information you need, whether you have: • Written a book and not attracted a publisher. • Finished a book you need out right now, for a particular market or timely topic. • Just started writing a book...
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HAVING A STORY TO TELL IS ONLY THE BEGINNING Thinking of sending that manuscript to an agent or publisher? Wonder what really goes on in publishing companies? What about first drafts, rewriting, proposals, contracts, and how covers are designed? Publishing is a strange business, and writers need to...
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1001 Ways to Market Your Books describes more than 1000 ideas, tips, and suggestions for marketing books – all illustrated with real-life examples showing how other authors and publishers have marketed their books. Learn how to: Edit and design your books for promotional clout Open new markets Get...