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In For Keeps: Women Tell the Truth About Their Bodies, Growing Older, and Acceptance twenty-seven gifted authors write personal essays about how body image has colored, changed or enriched their lives...or how life’s events have changed their body image. Why is it that with everything women have...
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In Single Woman of a Certain Age, Jane Ganahl assembles a chorus of sophisticated and witty voices for this revealing anthology about flying solo in midlife. Joyce Maynard and Dakota Cassidy try online hookups, Debra Ginsberg brings up the M-word, Cameron Tuttle goes on a date (with herself), Susan...
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"I love you. The meeting ran late. I want a divorce." One little word, one casual lie, one devastating announcement--and our lives are turned upside down forever. In "He Said" What?," " twenty-six gifted women writers share profoundly personal moments in which a man in their life said something...