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The Pact: Messages from the Other Side takes the reader on an adventure through time while weaving tales of love and determination. A vow between the author and her husband finds us tracing the steps of present and past lifetimes devoted to uncovering the mysterious cycles of life, birth, death,...
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"Robin Lim is a woman of staggering energy, passion, goodness and talent. Her poems take all four of those traits, and weave them into wonder." -Elizabeth Gilbert "Robin Lim's poems are born from the same womb as her devotion to midwifery. A womb that treasures each life, even faced...
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According to the editors, Jerri Beck (who still lives and writes in Birmingham, AL) and Anne George (now deceased) in the Foreword:  "This is a southern woman's anthology in that each author was born in the South and has spent her whole life or a considerable portion of her life here.  Each...
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A fierce book of poetry based on historical and mythical saints and cannibals, including Saint Claire and Hansel & Gretel. Reviewers say: "it's hard to tell at times who are the saints and who are the cannibals... Hamm explores the boundaries of the body in exquisite detail; puberty,...
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PAVE YOUR WAY TO ENLIGHTENMENT   Bet you thought the audience for Buddhism is fairly marginal, but have you heard? — one in eight Americans admit the influence of teachings of the Buddha as playing a positive role in their lives. This timeless path is one of the fastest growing today —...
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Inspired by the daily conversation taking place on Salon.com's cutting-edge, wildly popular website Mothers Who Think, this first collection by coeditors Camille Peri and Kate Moses takes an unflinching look at the gritty truths and unreserved pleasures of contemporary motherhood. Elevating the...