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Humanity is entering a new era—we are evolving into super-powered beings of light. Our auric and etheric bodies are experiencing a transformational shift as new crystalline structures form within and around our auras. Kala Ambrose, a powerful wisdom teacher, intuitive, and oracle, teaches how...
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At the New England New Age (NENA) Investigations, no case is too weird.  The paranormal detective agency relies on the familial talents of siblings Duncan and Samantha MacDougal and their cousin Tara Conroy.  While Duncan and Samantha tend to the field work, Tara mans the office tapping sources in...
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Psychic Senses offers you many ways to open up, explore, experience, and understand the innate powers of your mind as it shows you how to redevelop and use all your natural psychic abilities in your day-to-day experiences to create a more aware frame of mind and to accomplish what only appears to...