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LOVE AND EVIL KNOW NO BOUNDS!  Turn the page and enter a world of shadow, as Michael West brings together his most disturbing short stories--twisted tales of forbidden desires and ghoulish deeds, where nightmares manifest in the most mundane and unlikely of places...  The basement of a Japanese...
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Ginseng, The Divine Root uncovers an epic tale of herbal medicine and the plant prized for centuries by emperors, Native American healers, herbalists and smugglers. Collected by Daniel Boone, ginseng was one of America's first major exports to the Far East. The book tracks the plant through one...
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Tofu Ling and the Carp Banner is the second book in the Tofu Ling Series. Tango No Sekku, Boys' Festival, and TaeKwonDo tournament are quickly approaching as Tofu vows to work very hard to earn his Taekwondo green belt. However, shortly before the festival and tournament, a family tragedy requires...
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While waiting for her grown children to make a traditional New Year's Day visit, a Korean American mother struggles with difficulties of immigrant life, including dealing with ghosts from her past.
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A newly enlarged Second Edition of the book now includes 77 (count 'em, seventy-seven!) unique, humorous, and insightful essays about people, places, and cultures around the world. It features tales from a four-week car trip across the United States, featuring visits to the Voodoo Museum, Graceland...