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From the seat of a tractor to the seat of a car driven in search of a peach stand, the poems gathered here deal with dirt, toil, memory, history, and bliss. Horne carefully selected and sequenced the more than 100 poems in this collection within a thematic structure, and is clearly blown away by...
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A collection of narrative poems about an "Affrilachian" community in Northeast GA. In inteersecting and overlapping monologues, the poems are revealing, well crafted and often quite humorous.
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My new chapbook "The Cleft of the Rock" is now available from Finishing Line Press and Amazon.com.
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Over the last generation, Appalachia has produced a number of women poets who have refined and redefined the boundaries of the region’s literature and identity. Her Words focuses on the work of twenty such poets, whose diverse voices have enriched Appalachian literature in particular and American...