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At first glance, the desert seems dry, big and empty. But upon a second look, you'd be surprised! This book introduces many desert dwellers. During the heat of the day, kangaroo rats sleep in their burrows while lizards sunbathe on rocks. At night, while roadrunners rest, bats wheel through the...
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One spider clings to her web, two raccoons nap in a log, three baby robins sit in their nest . . . what do they have in common? They all have special homes. With an informative text and captivating illustrations, Ginger Wadsworth and Jim Needham count from one to twenty as they introduce a score...
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Dana Armstrong is no ordinary primatologist. She was the little girl captured by the cameras of her father's doomed psychology experiment designed to bridge the species barrier by raising a chimpanzee as a member of his own family.  Decades later, the Armstrongs are a uniquely dysfunctional family...
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Stop Fighting like Cats and Dogs!---As a multi-pet owner, you know that having more pets can double your pleasure but does not necessarily make your life merrier. From conflicts over food to favorite sleeping arrangements, adding new pets rubs everyone's fur the wrong way, making situations hairy...