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Village Voice and Interview cofounder John Wilcock was first drawn into the milieu of Andy Warhol through film-maker Jonas Mekas, assisting on some ofWarhol’s early films, hanging out at his parties and quickly becoming a regular at the Factory. “About six months after I started hanging out at...
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"A GOOD WAY to describe John Wilcock is to say that he is a talented bohemian counter-culture journalist who once played a major role in the emergence of America’s underground press. Born 1927 in Sheffield, England, he left school aged 16 to work on various newspapers in England, and on...
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Young Fleet Street reporter arrives in New York. Interviews Marilyn Monroe and Marlene Dietrich. Helps to start Village Voice, edits city's first 'underground' paper, co-edits similar papers around the world, watches Andy Warhol learn to make movies and writes first bio of this enigmatic artist....