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Also availale for Kindle here. FOLLOW THE BLOOD In SZEJNA’S REVENGE, the astounding conclusion that played out in GAILENE'S VOW threatens to tear apart the vampire nation, and start a global war with humans. Only Szejna, a vampire who looks 18, but is so old she's lost her memory, has the solution...
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"Reading Thoreau's Laundry is like taking many journeys with the best possible traveling companion, one who makes the world more vivid, more resonant, more interesting at the deepest level."--Margot Livesey The twelve stories in Ann Harleman's second fiction collection span a century (from...
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Beloved bestselling author Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni has been hailed by Abraham Verghese as a “gifted storyteller” and by People magazine as a “skilled cartographer of the heart.” Now, Divakaruni returns with her most gripping novel yet, a sweeping, suspenseful coming-of-age tale about a young...
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Lawrence Ferlinghetti's first book since Poetry as Insurgent Art, a new call to action and a vivid picture of civilization moving towards its brink. New Directions is proud to announce a riveting and galvanizing new book by Lawrence Ferlinghetti. At ninety-three, he shows more power than most...
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On a windswept night in April of 1775, Eliza sat at her father’s bedside hoping he would recover. Forced to leave the home she grew up in, Eliza grows desperate. She could marry her former suitor, but cannot bear the thought of a loveless marriage. Instead she falls in love with Hayward...
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A breathtaking new volume from a poet who wrestles with the diabolical complexity of the human heart (publisher's note) 
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The Red Garden presents us with the luminous and haunting world of Blackwell, Massachusetts as it captures the unexpected turns in history and in our own lives. Beautifully crafted, shimmering with magic, The Red Garden is a transforming glimpse into small town America, presenting us with 300 years...
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Edited by Matt Weiland and Sean Wilsey, State by State is a panoramic portrait of America and an appreciation of all fifty states (and Washington, D.C.) by fifty-one of the most acclaimed writers in the nation.  Contributors include renowned and bestselling authors such as Louise Erdrich,...
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Elizabeth the bear wakes up the American flag in the morning and puts it to bed at night. She acts as her father’s “flag keeper,” helping him with his daily tasks of raising the flag and retiring it for the evening. She soaks up the etiquette facts that Dad teaches her, including don’t leave the...
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Edited by James Atlas "Full of humor and pathos in equal and abounding measure, this compact volume covers the intellectual ground from 'Donald Duck to Donald Rumsfeld' with wit, depth and originality." —Publishers Weekly (starred review) A superpower without parallel since the...