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From the moment writer Jenny Ceretti spots Susan Fredrickson at the Village Coffeehouse, her serene life begins to change. As their friendship explodes into a tempestuous love affair, Jenny discovers that all is not as it appears. While Susan is haunted by a terrifying past, Jenny comes face-to-...
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What do you get if you mix three beautiful women and their deepest secrets with too many lawyers, corporate executives, and ovezealous reporters? One highly public love triangle: High-profile psychiatrist, Dr. Helaine Kristenson, is not just talented and beautiful. She's the leading authority in...
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CREATIVE DIVORCE deals with the gut feelings of men and women facing the need to build new lives in the wake of loneliness, guilt, anger, rejection, and a sense of failure. Divorce therapist Mel Krantzler approaches the subject of divorce from a unique perspective and offers an optimistic outlook...