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In 1960, Allen Ginsberg, high on William Blake and the resounding success of his epic poem, Howl, met Timothy Leary, the new Harvard psychologist eager to convince the world that getting high on psychedelic drugs could soothe the savage beast in the human heart. Conners (Growing Up Dead: The...
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Barry Gifford’s spare eloquence considers such diverse topics as his friend Allen Ginsberg’s death, the art of Vermeer, a cowboy wino, and September 11th in this collection of new poems. Delving into themes of love and death, Gifford offers heartbreaking verse such as “You sleep with my soul in...
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Here, in what has become a classic of its kind since its publication in 1978, is the fascinating story of an American literary legend, recorded through the voices of the friends and lovers of Jack Kerouac, “King of the Beats.” Authors Barry Gifford and Lawrence Lee retraced Keoruac’s life at home...