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Despite my best intentions, I was beginning to understand how my dad saw the world. The shadows haunting every living thing. The secrets inside the lies wrapped in bullshit. Even Gracie’s box of pills was beginning to make sense. For the past five years, Hayley Kincain and her father, Andy,...
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Providing a psychological perspective on the use and abuse of alcohol and other psychoactive drugs, the Second Edition will include more coverage on the theories of why alcohol and other drugs are used, as well as broad conceptual issues related to the nature of addiction. Research on smoking,...
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  Chester, 1756: The hospital stench. The blood. The lecherous surgeon. Mary Helsall does not want to be a nurse. It is a job that will have to suffice for now – at least until she has accomplished the task she came to the city to do. In the meantime, rotgut gin and a volatile relationship with...
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Psychology of Alcohol and Other Drugs explores the physical effects of alcohol use, individual use origins, personality, age, race/ethnic, and gender differences in alcohol use, and methods for recovery from dependency. The book places emphasis on scientific research studies that evaluate major...
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Three gals in a band ease the wounds of a critical review with alcohol and weed.