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Alchemy | Alchemy

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Drawing on the wisdom of ancient and modern day mystics, Sandra explains how to tap into this knowledge and use it to solve the problem of pollution and other maladies plaguing the planet. This book has been translated into the following languages.  Please order from your local bookstore:...
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An apparent kidnapping becomes the first step in a mystical journey for the Chevalier du Morte when a routine mission precipitates a spiritual fall from grace.  As the tables turn on the abductors, the immortal Knight sinks in a corrupt quagmire of sin while fighting to recover his lost purpose and...
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Mark Ramsay, Chevalier du Morte, Poor Knight of Solomon's Temple, returns to America bent on marrying the girl he left behind, but things are not well on the home front. Two members of his ancient Order set themselves on a dangerous course to stop him at all costs, believing that the marriage will...