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From the author of the acclaimed thriller novels Jack Wakes Up and Young Junius comes In Broad Daylight, a taut psychological whodunnit with Stieg Larsson's intrigue and Karin Slaughter's raw insights on strange communities. FBI agent Jess Harding treks back to Anchorage to hunt down a sadistic...
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"Elegantly constructed and lovingly, tenderly, savagely written... the most harrowing portrait of American boys careening into manhood that I've ever read. And the truest." - Benjamin Whitmer In Tacoma, a circle of friends finds their leader in Will Wilson. Together, they drink, they get high, they...
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A memoir of adventure, tragedy, family and faith, and a daughter's navigating the wilderness of an Alaskan river and of her own heart. When her parents are killed by a grizzly bear in Alaska’s remote Arctic, author Shannon Huffman Polson is forced into a wilderness of grief. Her quest for healing...
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  Soft adventure. The sort of experience that goes beyond the typical tourist itinerary. There is no great physical challenge involved here. There is considerable food for the spirit. And the body. And on the windjammer, a rum swizzle at every turn. Not to worry, you're not driving. I wrote...
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Describes the behavior of thirteen different animals, including caribou, arctic foxes, lemmings, and owls, during one full year on the arctic tundra.
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Set in past and present Alaska, The Cloud Atlas is narrated by a missionary who spent World War II chasing down one of Japan’s strangest weapons – firebombs that silently crossed the Pacific, tethered to balloons. But it’s the people he found who haunt him longer: a Yup’...
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Abbie is on her way to Anchorage, Alaska to meet George whom she has been corresponding by telephone for the past three months. George has repeatedly asked her to come up to Alaska for a visit so they can meet in person. Call her crazy, but Abbie makes airline reservations to fly from her home in...
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Lisa Tang, a shy and politically innocent arctic research scientist, wants nothing more than to get her brains back, In her quest, she finds herself on a harrowing expedition from Fairbanks, Alaska to UCLA, in the company of a blind and eccentric CIA agent by the name of Vengeance Toy....