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Aging parent | Aging parent

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In this Mom’s Choice® Gold award-winning book, British Grief Expert, Gemini Adams, explains that our real “wealth” lies not in our Financial Assets, but our Emotional Assets: the values, memories, lessons, voice, image, wisdom and affections that we can capture and share through a loving legacy....
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Meet Helen, the expert quilt maker and family curmudgeon, who pieced a wedding ring quilt top for her hope chest, only to put it away without quilting it after her marriage ended abruptly.  Meet steel magnolia Nancy, Helen’s daughter, who found the top and quilted it in the early, unhappy days of...
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Personal essay about tending to an aging parent and considerations of time and time travel. The complete essay is available here: http://www.creativenonfiction.org/thejournal/articles/issue09/09hodgkins_einsteindidnt.htm