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In the early 1930s, Marie Dressler (1868-1934) was the most loved movie star in the world. Under the careful guidance of Louis B. Mayer and Irving Thalberg at MGM, she soared to late life stardom with a string of hits including Anna Christie, Tugboat Annie, Dinner at Eight, and Min and Bill, which...
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Redd is small, even for a beetle. He's too small to reach the mailbox, too small to fly, too small even to dance at the famous Boll Weevil Ball. But when Redd sets his mind on something, nothing can stop him. Starring a very small but hugely determined beetle, this charming picture book proves...
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It's 1999 and Emile Poulquet awaits sentencing in a Paris court for deporting thousands to almost certain death during World War II. Yet haunted by ghosts from his former life, and determined to confront his dark legacy, he escapes and heads toward his beloved Finier, a rural town in the south of...