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"An evocative, heartfelt rendering of the American home front in 1943, and the coming-of-age of a wife and husband at a time when young people unquestioningly took on expected adult roles, only later to struggle with issues of identity and individual desire. Flying Out of Brooklyn reminds us...
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Love and Other Delusions   In Alice’s world, it all made sense. She told her husband, “I stopped cheating on you when I started sleeping with Danny.” He finally understood, but too late. Alice Marcher is dying, but she is still trying to understand her life. She was thirty when she met Danny...
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He may not have been that into you, but the bastard who just broke your heart will be a distant memory after reading this book--a 10-step guide to help you get your brokenhearted butt in gear, break your addiction to bad boyfriends and find lasting love. Written by DontDateHimGirl.com founder and...
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Nearly every aging woman has a complicated relationship with her body. For Keeps, an inspirational collection of personal essays from writers on their ever-changing bodies, will resonate with every maturing woman. Editor Victoria Zackheim brings together women with unique voices who have all...
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Between 1917 and 1941, Hollywood film studios, gossipcolumnists, and novelists featured an unprecedented numberof homosexuals, cross-dressers, and adulterers in their depictionsof the glamorous Hollywood lifestyle. During this era,actress Greta Garbo defined herself as the ultimate...
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Cora Sledge is horrified when her children, who doubt her ability to take care of herself, plot to remove her from her home. So what if her house is a shambles? Who cares when she last changed her clothes? If an 82-year-old widow wants to live on junk food, pills, and cigarettes, hasn’t she earned...
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How do we safeguard our children in a changing and dangerous world? And what if the greatest danger is from ourselves?
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    One woman’s dream of escape from domestic unhappiness opens up a world of erotic fantasy and danger in this sensuous, suspenseful second novel by Amy Boaz. A wife and mother estranged from her life back in the suburbs of America, Frances has fled to Paris with her mischievous young...
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A boy comes of age when he sees his parents in a new light that tests his loyalties. 
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When Adam Smith's wife goes into labor with their first child, Adam hits crisis point. He swore that his life would be nothing like his mother's--a life he believes was destroyed by the demands of raising him and his brothers and sisters. Now he's backed into a corner, unable to find a way out. But...